Pasta Dinner - Craven SPORT Services

paste dinnerThe annual Sask Marathon Pasta Dinner brought to you by Craven S P O R T Services, which also takes place at Prairieland Park, gets underway at 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 24th. Tickets may be purchased during registration for the marathon, or at the race expo if available. You may also purchase by emailing

There is a limited number of tickets ($25 each) plus GST ($26.25) available so be sure to get yours early.


Pasta Dinner Guest Speaker

Marc Parent

Marc Parent is the author of Runner's World's Newbie Chronicles column. Beginning runners and veterans alike can identify with Marc's struggles and achievements, which are often spit-out-your-coffee hilarious.

"And how do you go crazy in a run? Well, you could always rip off your shoes and put them on your hands and clap them together and sing "Turkey in the Straw." You could moo and throw confetti at passing cars. You could stare at people as you run toward them and loudly repeat, "I am the commander of the Starship Enterprise." Or you could just do what I did; wake up on the morning of the hottest day in weeks, bolt out of the house without so much as a drink or a bite of anything, and run farther than you ever had. You could, essentially, attempt your own personal moon-shot in the spur of the moment with no planning and no gas in the tank.If running 10 miles readjusts your concept of nearly everything, running 12 miles on an empty tank readjusts your concept of nearly every kind of ridiculous. A 10-mile run may make you a super human, but it doesn't make you superhuman. You still need to eat and drink. Water is a really good idea. And if you ever really want to go crazy on a run, do the sensible thing and put your shoes on your hands."