This year features a 5Km, Good Life Fitness 10Km, half marathon, full marathon, and Marafun.

New this year is a 5Km event. Some of the special parameters of the 5Km race include:

  • Maximum 250 participants - Fewer than 70 spots!
  • Fee is $40 (plus online processing fees and GST).
  • NO SWITCHES allowed.
  • Each participant will get a technical fabric tee. This year's t-shirt color is BLUE.

Registration is now open, and we have been able to hold the regstration fees at the 2013 prices.


Guest Speaker Marc Parent

When asked why he was interested in being a guest speaker for the Saskatchewan Marathon, Marc Parent responded, “I’ve been running for six years. When I began, I was thirty pounds heavier than I am today and couldn’t run half a mile. My last race was a few months ago — the Runner’s World Half Marathon that I completed in 1:55.  My desire is to encourage other committed couch potatoes to take the journey I have-- to make their lives better. Your group has already done that. I’m honored to recognize their accomplishments, talk about running and the marathon from the fresh perspective of a newbie, read from some of my favorite columns, talk about how they came to be, and highlight that all runners at the core are the same no matter what distance they run. We’re all the same at the core except that marathoners are better(!)”

Marc Parent is a motivational speaker who has made appearances all over the US to all number of various public and private organizations, from Oprah, Dateline NBC, 20\20, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, NBC Nightly News, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, PBS On The Line with Brian Leher, MSNBC News Hour, CNBC, Rivera Live, O’Reily Factor, to being interviewed by TIME Magazine, PEOPLE Magazine, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Minneapolis Tribune, The Washington Post, Detroit Free Press, NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and Face the Nation with International appearances on Voice of America, and America Tonight on BBC.

Marc writes and speaks about himself in a way that has a kind of universal relate, and is known to speak on topics covering his well-known publications, TURNING STONES: My Days and Nights with Children at Risk, and BELIEVING IT ALL: What My Children Taught Me About Trout Fishing, Jelly Toast, and Life.  Most recently, he is the creator and editor of, as well as a contributor to, the anthology, THE SECRET SOCIETY OF DEMOLITION WRITERS published by Random House featuring stories by Anna Quindlen, Benjamin Cheever, Alice Sebold, Michael Connelly, Rosie O’Donnell, Lauren Slater, and Sebastian Junger among others.

Parent’s work has appeared in The New York Times, Best Life, American Journalism Review, Family Circle, Parenting, Child, Rosie, and USA Weekend.  He currently writes his National Magazine Award nominated column, “The Newbie Chronicles” for Runner’s World magazine. His hallmark is uncovering the bigger moments in the smaller things — the inspiration in the everyday. Over the last five years, he has turned his attention to running and in doing so, has been the principal provider of content for the world’s largest running magazine Runners World Marc has chosen the topics and led the national conversation (and the laughs) on the highs and lows, the ins and outs of all things running for the past six years.

We look forward to hearing his point of view during the Saskatchewan Marathon weekend on being a newbie marathoner and a perspective of how to push through he hard times and keep the end goal in sight!


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